Commitment to Sport


Getting Started

Welcome to the TJWDC website!  You have already taken the first step in beginning your incredible Schutzhund/IPO journey.  We are glad you are here.  Take your time and look at the valuable information and resources we have for you.

It is an age old saying to have a happy dog in your home, you must give him a job to do.  Our canine partners have a lot of drive, meaning energy and enthusiasm, as well as the need to chase, conquer and possess.  IPO, for our club members is the proven 'job' of choice.  By providing your dog with a job, you are keeping their minds engaged, helping to keep them physically fit, and developing a strong working  bond with your partner.  Our hope is that through IPO training, you and your dog's relationship will deepen.

If you feel you are ready to participate in dog sport, IPO particularly, you need to understand the commitment our club members have to training.  We meet once a week for a day of group training with our Training Director, who instructs us in all three phases of IPO (Tracking, Obedience, and Protection).  Our training continues at home throughout the week.

Many of us spend time each day (sometimes twice a day) training at home in the tracking and obedience phases.  When we come to our weekly training day, we go out on the field and show our training director what we need help with, and where we are stuck.  Or we may show him were we are with a particular exercise.  Most of us then ask for our "homework" and we go home and work on the little details.  Training doesn't have to take an hour a day, most days it can be as little as 15 minutes, depending on what you are isolating (working on).   

Health and Diet

While we are unable to provide any veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or professional nutritional guidance, we do have things that  we have found worked for our dogs.  Participating in dog sport requires suitable nutritional support.

Many of our dogs are fed a raw diet.  Should you be interested in feeding raw for optimal health, please email Mary Greenwald at for a product/price list and feeding information.  Many of our club members find great health benefits in formulating a custom diet and supplement program that consists of a raw diet and various nutritional supplements (including CPN - Canine Performance Nutrition) for our dogs.  We experience heightened health, stronger immune systems, less allergies, better coats, and enhanced performance.  However, individual results vary based on the dog and their nutritional program.

What do you need to begin?

Well of course you need a puppy or dog that is suited for the work he/she will be doing.  If you are wondering if your dog is suited, please drop us a line and discuss having him/her evaluated at no cost.

You will also need some basic training equipment.  You will need a standard yet sturdy buckle collar for puppies, a fur saver and prong collar for juveniles and adults, and you may wish to consider an eCollar for advanced training.  Additionally,  you will need a leash, a tracking line, and protection harness and protection line.  There are other pieces of equipment that you may chose to use, but these are the basics.  One of our club members has a Facebook Page for equipment sales, and there are some sample items shown below. As well as the Facebook link for the equipment sales page.

Basic Equipment


Puppy Harness

All harnesses are adjustable, hand made and hand stitched from quality leather, feature brass or stainless hardware, sheep's wool breast lining, and come in black or brown.  Contact Amber at for pricing and availability.


Adult Harness

The same high quality construction and materials as the puppy harness, in a larger size.  Contact Amber at for pricing and availability.


Biothane Leads

These biothane leads come in variety of colors, lengths, and ends.  4' leads featured with clip ring to remove the lead and fasten around the handler for trials.  Waterproof and comfortable in the hand - light enough for everyday training.   Contact Amber at for pricing and availability. 


Tab Style Leads

These biothane tabs come in a variety of color.  A tab is an essential tool for all serious trainers.  It allows for a smooth transition from on lead to off lead - a tab to grab when you need it!   Contact Amber at for pricing and availability. 


33' Foot Tracking Line

These biothane 33' tracking line are regulation length and water proof - allowing for countless tracks in the morning dew.  These lines are lightweight and resist tangling, comfortable in the hand and feature a handle at the end.   Contact Amber at for pricing and availability. 


Tracking Botcher

This leather tracking botcher is accepted trial equipment.  It is hand made and hand stitched from quality leather and features brass hardware.   Contact Amber at for pricing and availability.   

Additional Equipment and Preferred Products


Additional Equipment

We have a wide range of equipment that various club members favor.  From training aids to rewards, please contact Amber for product information and pricing at  Some of the equipment includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Fur saver collars (required for trials)
  • eCollars
  • Prong collars
  • Various tugs and ball rewards
  • Dumbbells


Various club members are proud users of CPN - Canine Performance Nutrition.  Products include, Vertex, Coat Boost, and Power Boost.  Please contact Amber for additional product information and ordering at