What Kind of Committment are we Talking About?

    Turner Junction Working Dog Club values all of its members and various breeds. Our goal is to work together as a team to assist each member (handler/dog team) in achieving their goals. While we cannot determine the level of commitment you will have, below are a few points we ask you to consider when determining whether dog sport is for you, and whether Turner Junction Working Dog Club is the right fit. 

  1. Training is regularly scheduled on Saturday 
  2. Training with TJWDC is a 3-phase training day 
  3. Training begins at 7AM or 8AM depending on the season 
  4. Training typically concludes around 3PM depending on the number of dogs  
  5. All members are asked to assist in various training tasks: 

  • Spotting fellow club members when they are working 
  • Set goals and share them with the club periodically 
  • Setting up equipment 
  • Taking down equipment 
  • Assisting with line work and/or run-outs 
  • Have a willingness to learn and to share your knowledge 
  • Assist with trials 
  • Be present consistently, and for all three phases of training 
  • Safe handling of your dog (dog aggression not tolerated) 
  • Protect the helper at all times when working your dog 
  • Clean up after yourself and your dog 
  •  Have fun! 

    TJWDC members strive to improve their relationship with their dog and to grow as a handler. We welcome those who have never worked in the sport previously as long as they have a desire to learn and grow. While we enjoy each other’s’ company and many of us are friends off the field, we do not view training as a social event. Please come prepared to work your dog and achieve your goals! 

Joining TJWDC

If you feel you are ready to embark on a rewarding journey of bonding with your dog, and you understand the commitment involved, please contact us through our President, Nadeem James at: 

We welcome guests to come out and watch our training - arrangements can be made for guest training by contacting our club President at: or our Training Director, Ronnie Weiss at

We would love to know more about you, your dog, and your experience.  If you are interested in becoming a TJ member when we have openings, please take a moment and fill out the below information form.  <form>

IPO Commands


Commands & Pronunciation


  • Heel ------ Fuss (fooss)
  • Sit --------- Sitz (zit)
  • Down ----- Platz 
  • Here ------ Hier
  • Stand ---- Stey (aye)
  • Retrieve - Bring (brrring)
  • Jump ----- Hopp (hup)
  • Go Out --- Voraus (for owss)
  • Track ----- Such (tsuuk)
  • Guard ---- Pass auf  (pas off)
  • Out -------- Aus (ows)


  • Heel ----- Au pied (oh-pee-aye)
  • Sit -------- Assis (ah-see)
  • Down --- Coucher (coo-shay)
  • Here ---- Ici (e see)
  • Stand --- Debout (da-boo)
  • Retrieve- Rapporte (aport)
  • Jump ---- Saute (soot)
  • Go Out -- En Avant (onn-avauhnn)
  • Track ---- Piste (piss-te)
  • Guard --- Garde (guard)
  • Out ------- Donne (don-aye)


  • Heel ------ K noze (kno zay)
  • Sit -------- Sedni (said nee)
  • Down ---- Lehni (leh nee)
  • Here ----- Ke mne (khemn yea)
  • Stand ---- Stuj (stuuya)
  • Retrieve - Aport
  • Jump ----- Skoc (hop)
  • Go Out --- Vpred (va porshed)
  • Track ----- Stopa
  • Guard ---- Pozor
  • Out -------- Pust (pusht)

Additional languages may be used and may be found on the internet.  A singular language is required for trialing.  Typically handlers chose the language based on the origin of the breeding - but it can also be a personal preference.