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Open Letter to my Team

March 26, 2019


Dear my Training Crew,

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on our club. 

As you all know I am starting over with a young puppy. He was my Brown Collar Boy, my breach boy, my most feisty with the biggest personality and temper to go along with his ‘big boy confidence’. I knew he would challenge my training, and challenge my knowledge. So far, he is exactly what I had hoped for when I bred Nora (except his color – lol). Yet, I still sat back on the drive to training Saturday and wondered if I had 18 months in me – 18 months (realistically) before we could ever set foot on a trial field. 18 months of many, many, many, little parts being strung together for the big picture. 18 months of ups and downs, triumphs and problems, fun and frustration. 18 months of hope and 18 months of dreaming – for a dog and performance I can only see in mind’s eye right now. 

Do I have that time in me? Heartbreak, and disappointment, hard work, getting the reps in when it’s not easy or comfortable, 18 long months of waiting. Then I arrived at training, and one-by-one I watched my team’s dogs go. And I was not only impressed, but I was speechless (yes, it’s true!). From where each one of your dogs were last year, to where they are now… WOW! This progress is a rare and treasured gift. Keeping in mind we had almost 3 months last year without a training director. Ronnie pushed himself in recovery to come back for US! He pushed harder than probably any other person has – he returned to the field catching dogs in record time – heck…he competed on a national level 12 weeks after quadruple bypass!

But this isn’t just about him. Yes, Ronnie is the guiding light to our success. But each of you have worked hard and put your reps in – each of you are achieving big things with your dogs! From barking: screaming and bleeding out, to a beautiful rhythm; to the heeling: inattentive heeling to focus and engaged partnerships. Many clubs are not as lucky to have someone not only work dogs, but develop them and fix the problems. But moreover, not all clubs have such dedicated handlers who do what it takes to get where they want to go! It’s easy to say ‘I want to show on a national level’…. It’s a whole other thing to do the hard work to make that dream a possibility, and then a reality! 

Sometimes, especially now with a puppy, training feels like a jumbled mess and I wonder if it will ever become the completed trial picture. Then one day… BAM! It all falls into place! Each step Ronnie made us do over, each left turn-halt, each stick on the jump, each bark on the back tie, each grip out of prey and back to aggression, each pull out of position for the transport and back line back into position, each tiny singular element…comes together into a routine. If you ever feel that way, stick with it. Stay in the game. Continue on - - - each one of you are achieving amazing things!

I watched you all go on Saturday. My heart was lifted and it renewed me. I am so proud of each of you. I am so thrilled for all of you and how your routines are coming together! We will be a force to be reckoned with! I am so proud to call you my TEAM. I am so excited for you to begin your trial careers. Ronnie is instrumental in creating our success, but without you putting in the time and dedication, that guidance and development would fail. Set your goals high. Identify the steps needed to achieve them; and smash those steps out of the park! Then watch your goals change and grow. Use your goals as a direction rather than a destination – and watch how much you can achieve! I am so proud of you all. 

Your Team Members,

Nancy, Karma, & Mingus 




Set your 2019 IPO Goals!

  • Begin 2019 with focused determination! 
  • Be willing to put in the time and effort
  • Work with your TD on trialing goals.
  • Identify short term and stretch goals
  • Create a training plan with these goals in mind.
  • Compartmentalize your objectives and train with each of them in mind
  • Track your progress, share your successes
  • Lean on your club members for support and assistance
  • Remember - goals are a fluid thing, always changing, be ready to adjust your sails
  • Work at it, and believe and succeed in 2019!


Congratulations TJ Members! (2017/2018 Accomplishments) Lets Add some 2019 Accomplishments!


Ronnie and Radic

Competitor - 2018 GSD Nationals

Working Dog Championship 2018 - 7th Place

IPO3 - MC Regional Championship 2017

IPO2 - 2017

BH, IPO 1 - 2016


Rob and Creede

IPO1 - 2017

BH - 2016


Nancy and Karma (Retired)

Working Dog Championship 2018 - Competitor

IPO1 - MC Regional Championship 2017 

BH - 2016

We train all phases of IPO








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